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Eurocopter EC-135 construction number 0164, registration N135CR is an emergency Air Medical Helicopter that is used as the primary aircraft for Eagle III, an emergency air transportation program operated jointed by County Rescue Services, Bellin Hospital, and St. Vincient's Hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


The primary mission for N135CR is to serve as Eagle III's primary aircraft, which provides emergency air medical services to include scene flights and transport of critically ill or injured patients to facilities with specialized or greater levels of care. In addition to this, N135CR has also provided air support to local law enforcement agencies upon request due to its prime location and ability to rapidly deploy aircraft and air support to The United States of America during presidenital visits.


N135CR is fully equipped as an Air Medical Aircraft and also able to carry a Night Sun SX search light and FLIR when requested for mission by law enforcement.

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