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Boeing 377-10-32 construction number 15974, original registration G-AKGH.

Operated by BOAC as RMA Caledonia then sold to Transocean Air Lines.

Flying with BOAC in May and June 1949, this aircraft flew two loads of supplies from London via Keflavik to relieve the floods in Winnipeg. The second of these flights, carrying 24,640 lb, was at the time the heaviest load to be airlifted across the Altantic. After the floods abated, the aircraft was opened to the public. Paying 25¢ each, 6,000 people toured the aircraft, while 5,000 more were turned away.

Eventually purchased by Aero Spacelines, this aircraft was involved in an accident in September 1967 when 377 c/n 15958 collided with it on the ground at Mojave.


  • Used for Guppy programme