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Boeing 377-10-29 construction number 15959, original registration N90943.

Operated by American Overseas Airlines as Flagship Holland and Flagship Europe

Later operated by Pan Am as Clipper Sovereign Of The Skies and ditched into the Pacific Ocean on 16 October 1956. All passengers and crew survived.

Panam-943 ditching

Pan Am Flight 006 was an around the world flight originating in Philadelphia that flew eastbound with several stops before arriving in San Francisco. On the evening of October 15, 1956 it departed Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii on its final leg to San Francisco at 8:26pm HST. The pilot was Captain Richard W. Ogg. After passing the half way point after 1:00am the number 1 engine began overspeeding and could no longer be controlled. The crew decided to cut fuel to the engine. The crew was unable to feather the prop. After the engine shut down the prop began to windmill in the airstream causing excessive drag. The crew calculated with the additional drag they no longer had sufficient fuel to reach San Francisco or return to Honolulu. At this time the United States Coast Guard maintained a weather station ship between Hawaii and the California coast, the Pontchartrain . The crew contacted the ship and advised them they were making preparations to ditch the aircraft at sea. The plane was flown to the ship's location and orbited overhead until daylight. At 6:15am the plane was ditched at sea in sight of the ship at 30°2'N 140°9'W. The tail broke off upon touchdown. All 31 onboard survived the ditching and were rescued by the Coast Guard before the last pieces of wreckage sank at 6:32am.


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