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MBB BO-105 construction number 2014, registration N202LF was an emergency air medical helicopter operated jointed by County Rescue Services, Bellin Hospital, and St. Vincent's Hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin. N202LF was lost to a crash during a maintenance flight on April 13, 2006. This crash claimed the life of James Vincent Jr, the sole occupant and very experienced pilot. The cause of the N202LF crash is still under investigation by the NTSB but is believe to be non-maintenance related mechanical failure.


The primary mission for N202LF, also known as Eagle III, was emergency air medical services to include scene flights and transport of critically ill or injured patients to facilities with specialized or greater levels of care. N202LF also provided Air Medical capabilities to Road America in Elk Heart Lake, WI during various automotive racing events, greatly increasing the chances of survival in the event of an accident.

Details of Crash[]

N202LF lifted from County Rescue Services in the Morning of April 13th, 2006 on a routine maintenance flight. Shortly after take off, Pilot James Vincent Jr radioed County Rescue Services Headquarters with a distress call indicating he was having a problem. The helicopter was observed by several witness' enter a tail spin and then forced into the wind, and away from County Rescue Services Headquarters and Eagle III's hanger. It is believed that Pilot James Vincent Jr knew the aircraft was experiencing a nonrecoverable failure and using his skill as a Pilot battled the wind and intentionally flew the aircraft away from both buildings, which were both occupied by numerous Rescue personnel. Witness state that the helicopter, now being flown to the southeast and approximately 200ft off the ground, became quiter and then fell from the sky.

County Rescue personnel were on scene within seconds of the crash and transported the pilot to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Green Bay utilizing one of the Mobile Intensive Care Ambulances they had based at their Headquarters, less than 100yds away from the Crash Site. The Brown County Sheriff’s Department and Bellevue Fire Department also responded to the scene and arrived within minutes of the crash. The City of Green Bay Police Department also provided assistance by securing safe and expedited travel for the ambulance through the crowded streets of the City of Green Bay.

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